The “TREAT&USE” project aims to bring together 6 European technical and farming SMEs and one research centre to prove and disseminate the technical and economic viability of a method for safe and economic wastewater treatment and direct reuse of the water and nutrients in agricultural production with minimal operational and maintenance costs.

The proposed concept is built on the outcomes of two successful finished European research projects (PURATREAT & WACOSYS) on wastewater treatment, reuse technologies and fertigation and monitoring systems.

In the European Research project PURATREAT (New Energy Efficient Approach to the Operation of Membrane Bioreactors for Decentralised Wastewater Treatment - Contract number: INCO-CT-2005-015449) a suitable, safe and low-cost MBR wastewater treatment unit for producing nutrient rich water for irrigation purposes was developed.

The European Research project WACOSYS (Monitoring and Control System for Wastewater irrigated Energy Plantations – Contract number: COOP-CT-2004-512877) did develop, test and optimise a monitoring and control system (WACOSYS-system) for wastewater irrigation of agricultural production schemes (biomass production)

Due to health concerns, hygienic conditions and EU regulation the application of untreated wastewater for food production in Europe is not desirable and feasible. By combining the MBR wastewater treatment system from PURATREAT and the adapted irrigation system including a tested monitoring, control and distribution unit from WACOSYS the SME proposers of TREAT & USE believe to have a suitable technology to address the fast growing market of water reuse options for agriculture in water scarce areas.